Humber College Insurance


If you are not sure if you are covered, please contact Registration @ Humber to confirm if you paid your student activity fee including the dental plan.

For any questions about your Humber Student Dental Insurance, you can contact your insurance provider directly – this will give the most up-to-date status of your eligibility for insurance coverage.

Information you will need for insurance inquiries with your insurance provider:

CLAIM SECURE (insurance provider): 1-800-315-1108

Your Group Numer: 514561

Student ID Number: Z 0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(the last 8 digits of your “N” student number)

(if your student # is only 7 digits, add 2 zeros in front of the #)

Claim Secure will be able to inform you as to whether or not you are covered under the insurance plan, how much coverage you have left, how much you have used & when the insurance starts & expires. Please be aware that if you have treatment performed at a dental office, it may not show on your account for up to 4 weeks.

We encourage all full time students to become familiar with their dental plan. This includes the coverage maximum, what procedures are covered, and at what percentage. Remember, each plan covers different portions of treatment. Please be clear on what plan you have so that accurate estimates can be made for your treatment.

We provide accurate cost estimates for your treatment based solely on the insurance information you provide. Please be sure you are properly informed as to the insurance plan that you have & what is covered.

If you have used your insurance at another dental office, it will directly impact the coverage you have at Campus Dental. If you do not inform us, you will be responsible for costs of treatment not covered due to reaching your maximum claim amount (ie. $500).

Flex Plan

Please be aware that whatever plan you have as of the deadline, is the plan you will have for the duration of your program. You cannot change back and forth from year to year.


We accept all types of insurance, including Sunlife. We will submit your claim for you, however, we do require payment up front for all services on the day of treatment. You will receive reimbursement from your insurance company shortly after the day of treatment.

It is your responsibility to know what your coverage is, including your annual maximums & percentage of coverage for specific procedures. Your insurance company will not disclose any information to us about your policy for privacy reasons so it is your responsibility to inquire for your own benefit.